Post Lasik: 6 important safety instructions

Lasik in Dubai and wherever it’s performed have many benefits and improves vision to a greater extent. However, extreme care must be taken so as to ensure safe recovery and optimistic outcome of the laser surgery. Let’s have a look at general safety instructions you should follow;

  1. Complete rest or sleep continuously for a few hours

The best thing to do immediately post-Lasik is giving your eyes as much rest as possible for at-least all day long or as per the doctor’s advice. Try sleeping thereby keeping the eyes shut completely which also speeds up the recovery and relieves discomfort. Even if you can’t sleep, just keep the eyes closed as much as possible!

  1. Use only prescribed medicines

Eye drops and any other medicine that you take post-Lasik must be prescribed by the doctor in order to avoid any contraindications. The eye drops usually include;

  • Combination of antibiotics and steroids for prevention of inflammation and infection.

  • Artificial or preservative tears are given by the doctors so as to keep the cornea and Lasik flap lubricated thereby reducing irritation.

  • Most of the doctors would recommend using these eye drops for least three months after having your Lasik in Dubai due to secretion of the tears.

  1. Avoid direct corneal touch or rubbing of the eye

Lasik flap isn’t sutured which is why it’s strictly advised not to touch the eyes or rub them even during irritation else the flap may dislodge, requiring further treatment and repositioning. Meanwhile, direct touch can transmit contaminants further increasing the risk of infection.

  1. Wear protective shield while asleep

To prevent accidental rubbing or poking of the eye during sleep, better wear a protective shield at-least for the first three nights post-Lasik. These eye shields are available in many different shapes and designs usually prescribed by doctor as per the facial appearance so that they may fit well.

  1. Dark glasses when going out

To heal the cornea, protect it from glaring sunlight and direct exposure to elements of nature; always wear dark glasses post-Lasik when going out. It’ll also help reducing discomfort and itchiness.

  1. Gradual engagement with daily activities

Although you may resume routine activities immediately after Lasik in Dubai, it depends on how much strain you’ll take and do so only on doctor’s consent. Here’s how it usually start;

  • Day One: You may start reading, watch television and even work with computer but take 20-minutes rest after every 20-minutes. Do keep the eyes moisturised with prescribed artificial tears

  • Day Two and Three: Resumption of safe sports or non-contact sports such as running, golf and so on only if you’re capable. No need to exert pressure on the eyes and always wear headband during such activities.

Contact and strenuous sporting activities such as football, boxing, karate, cricket and many others must be avoided completely for at-least a month.


The above safety instructions are crucial post-Lasik so as to ensure quick and safe recovery.