Key Factors that Impact a Divorce in Florida

Like every State, there are certain key factors that impact a divorce case in Florida. These factors influence critical decisions like alimony and child support.

Residency: One of the spouses must be a resident of Florida for at least 6 months prior to filing for divorce. The petition for the divorce must filed in the county in which the spouse resides.

Prenupital/postnupital agreements: Signed before or just after a marriage, these agreements decide the amount of assets and liabilities that each party is entitled to in the event of a divorce. This has a direct bearing on alimony arrangements.

Duration of marriage: One of the major criteria in determining the amount of alimony is the duration of marriage. Depending upon the duration, it is termed long-term, medium-term or short-term marriage.

Age & Health: The mental and physical health along with age is also an important factor in determining alimony. Alimony can be adjusted even in a short-term marriage if one spouse is found to be vulnerable due to these factors.

Amount of assets: The law asks for an equitable division of marital property.

Income: The income of both the parties will be considered when rewarding alimony or child support.

Children: The presence of children in such cases requires special attention to key issues like parenting plan and spousal support. A divorce lawyer Boca Raton in ensuring that yours and your child’s rights are protected.