When You Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

You usually need a criminal defense lawyer if you have been booked for a crime. College students may also need lawyers to deal with their own college authorities in case of certain serious charges. Some common cases where a criminal defense lawyer Colorado is required are:

Drug offenses: Penalties in drug offense can be severe including hefty fines, jail time and cancelation of immigration status. An attorney can help you understand the case and in creating the right strategy.

Theft: This includes shoplifting, petty theft and felony. A lawyer can help you in avoiding the heavy penalties.

DUI: A charge of drunk driving can mean anything from jail time to the cancelation of your license. Find an experienced attorney to understand your rights.

Vehicular assault: A vehicular assault can become a homicide charge if someone died because of the accident. This is a very serious charge that can result in heavy jail term. Time is of essence in such cases. So, call an attorney immediately.

Sexual assault: Such charges can have far reaching consequences that can effect your future employment and other prospects. An attorney is vital in dealing with such charges.

Domestic violence: If charged, you can lose certain rights, face restriction in your movement or contact and undergo counseling. Contact your attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

All these cases require the services of a criminal defense lawyer Colorado. However, you need to make sure that the attorney has experience in the same field.