Visiting the Best Restaurant in the Heart of London

Planning to go out for dinner this evening to the best restaurant in London? The city of London is filled with loads of options for dining out. You can pick any of those places to enjoy great food in the company of someone. If you also want to couple it with some excitement, head over to Hippodrome casino. Voted as one of the best places visit in the heart of the city, Hippodrome has everything to make your evening worth it. Right from wonderful casino games to a live theatre, you are going to be spoilt for choice.

The food choices

To treat your taste buds, the casino houses a number of restaurants on each of its decks. Heliot Steak House, often rated as the best restaurant in London, is also located right inside its premises. If you love steak or want to taste some of the finest delicacies by renowned chef Ionnis Grammenos, this is where you need to be. There are also separate zones to go for a quick breather in between. For drinks, there are again a number of in-house bars that serve all kinds of drinks. The casino machines are fun, so is the live performance theatre, which hosts several celebrity performers of Burlesque every now and then. Visit today to experience it all firsthand.

Enjoy blackjack at one of the best casinos in London!

This city has a very old history of gambling going back around 47 AD, when Romans first landed on this great land. Today, that same love of gambling is carried on by a chain of fine casinos located across the city, which offer a range of gambling options for the guests to indulge in at their amazing facilities. So if you never played blackjack in a live casino before, then definitely it’s time for you to head down to one of these fine casinos and enjoy a few rounds of blackjack for real.

There is Empire, Hippodrome, Grosvenor, Maxims, Sportsman, Park Tower and Ritz club grabbing top spots in this city that you could consider to play blackjack. However, if you are really looking for a great night out of gambling with your mates on a weekend, you might want to pick a casino that offers not just gambling, but also the finest drinks and cocktails and the best steakhouse in town.

To know more about this casino in London, you can also refer to the Infographic given below on “Bars & Lounges”, which will give you all the information you need to arrive at this destination.

Spice up your evening with a burlesque show in London!

If you are thinking about indulging in a sinful amorous evening with your partner, then you don’t need to run here and there in search of good options anymore. The only thing you would need to do now is to go through the contents of the Infographic given below on this page on ‘Burlesque Show London’. This Infographic contains all the relevant information that you need to know to find a good destination in town where you will be able to enjoy a great Burlesque show in London.

This Infographic will give you a great idea about the best Burlesque Club London; the places where they are located in the city, the dates and timings of these shows, where to book tickets for these shows, and how to get the best deals on these tickets as well. So it will be better if you go through this Infographic thoroughly without missing a single detail on it. Once you have gone through the contents of this Infographic, you will realize the amazing destinations that you have been missing on till now. And once you witness the live Burlesque shows at one of these clubs, you are surely going to love your decision to go for a Burlesque show in London.

Live music- Best at Hippodrome with Lee and Maid!

There are people in abundance who are keen on enjoying the live musical theatre performances. Though, there are plenty of options for visiting and seeing the performances but if you really wish to get the best then you definitely need to pay a visit to Hippodrome.

Hippodrome has come up with its all new and fresh ‘Both Sides Now’ show that is done by two musical theatre performers and singers that are Stephan Rahman- Hughes and Lee Maid.

This show is typically based on the life of two best friends and who have had amazing experiences throughout their extensive careers. Now, they have come together to give the audiences a night full of fun, entertainment, friendship and some great stories along with some great music and all this is exclusively for you.

Be it Jazz, soul, pop or any other fantastic genres, you will get everything here to enjoy in one beautiful night with full musical arrangements and various other elements of music.

If you are also willing to take an exciting ride to the musical night as in live music in London with these two talented people, just visit Hippodrome and get your shows booked. For more information, you can always refer an info-graphic.

Factors Considered For An Event

There are some of the important factors which need to be considered while planning an event. These are the following:


Noise from some of the sources such as amplified music, refrigeration equipment, motors, generators and patrons can create problems for local residents and businesses. In case complaints are received regarding excessive noise, the event may not be able to be held in the future. If the event will provide amplified entertainment there will be a need for an agreement with the local council.

If you plan to hire a live music agency in London, make sure to take care of all these issues in order to avoid any mess later on.


For outdoor events in particular, the prevailing weather conditions should be a major factor in choosing the date and time for the event. Adequate space, freely available water and shade need to be provided before, during and after the event. Technology now provides event managers and emergency service personnel with access to regular weather and storm reports and the opportunity to develop a range of contingency plans in response to an anticipated adverse weather change.

Information centre and communications

A well -identified, well-located, and well-publicised information centre on site, serviced by knowledgeable staff, can provide a full range of information services to patrons. Remember to mark the location of the information centre on the site plan. Communication between event staff is vital to ensure safety and security for both staff and patrons. Communication between the organisers and patrons must also be adequate to cope with emergency situations. Battery operated megaphones or back-up generators may be necessary to ensure that communication is maintained at all times.


The availability of high-quality, affordable and accessible food can enhance patron comfort, reduce levels and effects of alcohol consumption and increase event revenue. Having a variety of food options is particularly important in or near ‘wet’ areas to encourage drinkers to eat. This will also reduce the need for patrons to move through other areas to buy food thus avoiding possible disruptions in ‘dry’ or family areas. Food vendors will be required to meet council health standards.


For outdoor events, especially during the summer period, patrons require access to drinking water to prevent dehydration and reduce consumption of alcohol. Clean, easily accessible drinking water should be available, free of charge, with an additional option to purchase chilled bottled water.

Lighting and power

Even in venues darkened for performances, lighting should always be adequate to identify exits, corridors and aisles. Auxiliary battery power or generators should be in place to provide minimum light in a power break, as well as to power the public address system, which can be used to give directions to patrons during a power failure. As many concerts are performed with only stage lighting, access to the main lighting or house lights is essential in case of an emergency. The location and means of activation of lighting and power must be known to those on site who are responsible for emergencies. It is worthwhile to have an electrician on call.

Lighting can also be used to control crowd movement as people tend to move towards stage lighting and leave an area when the house lights are turned on. Use of the site plan to determine dark and isolated areas can help organisers to identify possible safety concerns.