4 Ideas to Make Your Corporate Gifts Seal the Deal

It’s in the office culture to receive and give away gifts every now and then. The HR teams also promote this and even give away corporate gifts on their own. Now their gifts are often unlike the ones you may give your peers. They may give you something on special occasions, such as national days, completing a year, or to acknowledge your achievements. As an HR personnel yourself, you may also want to make sure that you choose these gifts wisely and also customize them appropriately

Tips for giving away corporate gifts

• Don’t buy anything too fancy: You may opt for useful essentials such as a coffee mug, a pen stand, a pen, a trophy, a notepad, or something similar.

• Make sure to customize: Corporate gifts are supposed to have the name and logo of the company on them. Make sure you get them printed before giving away the gifts.

• Choose the right gifts: The gift must always be something that can earn you appreciation and fits the occasion well. For festivals, you may choose a more generous gift (wall clock, for example). For an annual appraisal, you may choose a mug or stationery items. To acknowledge someone’s achievement, a branded pen or trophy or similar would do great.

• Give away with a smile: A smile is always contagious. It is bound to make others smile too, and can easily complement the gift you are giving away considerably.