Top Factors That Surety Companies Consider Before Issuing Surety Bonds

Surety bonds have always had a major role to play in facilitating the outcome of several kinds of transactions. Right from real estate industry to government contracts, surety bonds have been an important binding document. Over time, these have also found their usage in judgment cases, traveler insurance, and beyond. Commercial surety bonds cover the interests of an institution dealing with a contractor/businessperson to get a work done. It secures the interests of the former, making sure that the latter is not able to do any kind of fraud by any means.

Companies that issue commercial surety bonds are also obligated to run an assessment of their own on the contractors before issuing bonds to them. These do their assessment based on the following parameters:

• Credit history of the contractor, which covers how he fared financially while working on former projects
• Experience of the contractor, which determines if the contractor knows how to get the work done and how many times he actually managed to do it

• Financial standing of the contractor, which determines if he can pay the amount back in full to the surety company if he fails to deliver as promised