Guide to Buy Fine Jewellery

The info-graphic titled as “Diamond Bangle Bracelet Buying Guide”, explains important factor to consider while buying diamond ornament. Diamond bangle is an attractive piece of jewellery which adds a touch of superiority and style to a woman’s hands.

The setting of diamond is as important as its look. Prong setting is the most popular, but the problem with prong setting is they can get caught in one’s cloth or hair. For safety reasons consider a bezel setting which wraps the diamond in a band of metal. Another secure option is the flush setting, whereby the stone is embedded into the bangle itself.

When choosing the size of diamonds in a bangle or bracelet, make sure you’re also comfortable with how clear and colorless the stones look. If you desire to wear bracelets for select grand occasions, choose a style that stands out and is more generous than the everyday adornments. To know more about the diamond bangle buying guide, please refer to the details mentioned on below info-graphic.