Types Of Boxes And Cartons Available For Packing Need

Commercial brands of various types belonging to different industries are sparing a very close attention to their outer packaging boxes. This is a fact that is closely related to the marketing gimmicks of the brand and also influences the image and the reputation of the brand in the final market. Going by this theory there is a much-developed industry that is involved in the task of making of these packaging boxes. Hence when you come to buy cartons in Swindon or some other city you can get a large number of different types of such boxes. Let us take a look at the different variations that are available in the market.

Soft Corrugated cardboard Boxes – These are the simple yet cost-effective cardboard boxes that are used in the packaging of a large number of items. They are made of corrugated boards which provide a definite shape to the box and also make it considerably durable. However with a little force these boxes can be turned and twisted and their shapes can be changed, not for much use though. These are effective in terms of their cost and can prove to be economical for a large number of industries when ordered for in a bulk.

The Hard Non-Bendable Boxes – These boxes have a shiny and a sophisticated look. These boxes come in a large number of designs, shapes, and colors and often have a shiny outer coating to them. They are used for the packaging of expensive items and commodities that needs a stately packaging and also needs to be protected from any type of external shocks. Expensive apparel brands make use of these boxes. Again they are also used for the purpose of packaging mobile phones and other expensive IT devices.

Simple Cartons – These are the simplest boxes that are used in a large number of industries. They are simple in their looks and often come in large sizes. They are perfect for moving a bulk item and also provide protection to them when in transit. These corrugated board cartons are strong and are often quite hard and not bendable.

Bendable Paper Boxes – These are the most delicate of the items that you can get when you come to buy cartons in Bristol or some other city. They also happen to be the most artistic ones. They are used as delicate and attractive packaging for items such as chocolates and bakery products.


Finally, it can be said that when you come to buy cartons in Bristol or somewhere else be very sure of the type of requirement that you have in hand. This will help you to get a better return on your investment.