Top six easy-to-follow car maintenance tips

A vehicle or an automobile is a combination of sophisticated machines, which require regular inspection and essential maintenance to retain a desirable performance. Though new cars don’t require frequent repairs for working efficiently, still they need service and touch-ups.

However, maintenance becomes mandatory when vehicles get old. If you compare the repair cost of old and new vehicles, you will find a significant difference between the two. Maintenance cost of older cars is huge as compared to new one. This is because they have undergone a lot of wear and tear due to excessive use. Though, performing regular inspections and periodic maintenance will help you to overcome these expenses.

Essential car maintenance involves checking several things from oil filter, transmission and engine oil to radiator coolant, wheel alignment, lights and engine sound.

Below I am sharing few easy to follow car maintenance tips you can consider for your Ford service in Dubai.

Go through the car’s manual

Avoid following old myths; when it comes to car repair and maintenance. Instead, you need to check manufacturer manual to review dos and don’ts of servicing. These small booklets will give you a factual knowledge and save you from making disastrous mistakes.

Replace the air filters timely

Most of the manufacturers recommended that air filters should be changed once every year or after completing every twelve thousand miles. Replacement is necessary for better engine performance. Otherwise, a car engine is forced to work harder, which will result in reduced fuel economy and poor acceleration and reduction in engine power.

Change the windshield wipers

Windshield wiper replacement is also mandatory to maintain visibility in severe weather conditions. Wipers in functioning condition are essential for driving safely. Keep checking them for broken rubber and bent frame or if it is producing chattering sound and streaks on the windscreen; it’s a good time to change wipers.

Check the engine regularly

Don’t forget to check the engine regularly to see if everything looks alright especially the battery. Carefully check deposits of minerals on the contacts. Clean them with a brush and repair leaks to avoid corrosion. A leaking car battery must be handled safely, as it contains highly toxic sulphuric acid.

Keep an eye on the tire pressure

Accurate tire pressure is necessary for a safe drive and frequent tire replacement. Driving a vehicle with overinflated or underinflated is equally bad. Instead of driving safely, keeping accurate tire pressure will protect you from severe problems and expensive repairs. Keep an eye on it during and after a long distant drive. Pressure tends to change at different temperatures and track conditions.

Don’t forget tire rotation

Rotating tires from back to front and diagonally is an intelligent way to use an existing pair for a maximum period. Both of them tend to wear differently. Front pair is facing maximum damage and wear unevenly, whereas the back pieces, which are following the front wheels don’t get uneven damage. If you replace the front with the rear pair, you will efficiently delay buying a new pair. If you don’t change, you will have to change all four treads thousand miles sooner.

Endnote: In addition to following these tips for Ford service in Dubai, never ignore regular cleaning to enjoy a pleasant drive.