Live music- Best at Hippodrome with Lee and Maid!

There are people in abundance who are keen on enjoying the live musical theatre performances. Though, there are plenty of options for visiting and seeing the performances but if you really wish to get the best then you definitely need to pay a visit to Hippodrome.

Hippodrome has come up with its all new and fresh ‘Both Sides Now’ show that is done by two musical theatre performers and singers that are Stephan Rahman- Hughes and Lee Maid.

This show is typically based on the life of two best friends and who have had amazing experiences throughout their extensive careers. Now, they have come together to give the audiences a night full of fun, entertainment, friendship and some great stories along with some great music and all this is exclusively for you.

Be it Jazz, soul, pop or any other fantastic genres, you will get everything here to enjoy in one beautiful night with full musical arrangements and various other elements of music.

If you are also willing to take an exciting ride to the musical night as in live music in London with these two talented people, just visit Hippodrome and get your shows booked. For more information, you can always refer an info-graphic.